The aim of this blog is to report on the fieldwork I am commencing as part of a British Academy funded research project. The working title of this project is Prison, Pop-Culture, and Transatlantic Perspectives: How Former UK Prisoners Interpret American (Penal) Culture. Just as the title implies, the research will work with a group of former UK prisoners weekly for a period of 24 weeks to explore how they understand and interpret both the US prison system and American society more widely.

I am a lecturer in American Studies at the University of Hull, UK who is interested in contemporary representations of prison and gangs in American pop-culture. For more information on my publications, see my webpage at the University of Hull.

Though reflecting on the focus groups with former prisoners is the ultimate objective of the blog, I will be observing and posting on related American Studies topics. I hope the blog may appeal not merely to those working in pedagogical and research roles, but to those interested in the US and penal issues (reform, activism) more generally.

Disclaimer: Posts on this blog reflect my own opinions and not that of the University of Hull. The blog is personal, but ultimately aims to share information and facilitate the discussion of issues relating to my research in the field of American Studies (specifically American prison culture). Please note that if you comment on posts, you retain ownership of your comments but are granting me permission to post your comments and also to reproduce your comments in any publishing form (with due acknowledgment). I reserve the right to remove any comment that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate.


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